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It helps you achieve your potential, make change and get more of what you want. Unlike therapy which focusers on exploring your past and the forces that shaped you, coaching is about your future, and action!

A Coach is a 'thought partner' in a shared project - making the most of you. A coach will be the only person in your life who will listen without expecting anything of you that you wouldn't expect of yourself. Someone trained in learning, experience and change. Someone who will ask insightful questions that will open up new perspectives and ideas.

A Coach will encourage you to set out your aims. In a relatively short time you will be able to assess the impact of coaching and apply what you have learned to a range of other challenges or apirations, with new skills to manage yourself.

Coaching is not mentoring; mentors share their experience of similar situations and offer models to follow. Nor is coaching giving advice; advice is freely available - down the pub any Friday night!

A Coach understands the complex mechanics of making lasting change without sacrificing the essential you. A Coach helps you customise your solutions, founded on self-awareness, what matters to you, what works for you - and when you change yourself, get ready for how much else changes too!