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Chloe, aged 28, news and media professional, Islington

"Roz is a sensitive and encouraging coach who really floods your perceptions with new perspectives and helps you to see the new path for action. I was really unhappy in my job and Roz helped me to get the most out of my current situation while uncovering a new avenue. She helped me ask for the thing I really needed and see what I was craving in my life. Having her insights and feedback made me see where I could change, and how."

Tracy, housing professional, Brighton

"Roz recognised potential in me I hadn't recognised in myself and offered me coaching. Reluctant at first, through friendly persuasion I accepted and it was one of the best things I could have done. Back then, I couldn't be the centre of attention; the thought filled me with dread. To progress in business I needed to overcome this fear. We examined where the fear came from and addressed my insecurity. Now I am comfortable addressing an audience and it gave me the confidence to go for my new job - now I'm a Chief Executive!

Vanessa: creative, North London:

“I went to Roz because I felt that my life was at a turning point and I needed to make an important and life changing decision about my future. I couldn’t make a decision. I felt very stuck and conflicted. Roz has really helped me to understand my conflicting thoughts and feelings. She has helped me to see that I have hidden strengths that I can use for decision making and also, to move forward in life positively. Roz has an exceptional gift for empathy. She is a great listener but also, immensely insightful. She is a rare gem.  I have never encountered somebody so willing to really put herself in somebody else’s shoes to see the world from their perspective. When working with Roz to try to resolve problems and find solutions, she challenges one’s own perceptions. There is a real feeling of her always being on one’s side. With Roz’s help, I can move forward in life.  

“Roz uses a variety of techniques: talking, problem solving, NLP and visualisation techniques. She really applies herself and between sessions, she thinks about how to tackle the issues discussed. She tailors her services to the individual. Roz is an amazing life coach and I highly recommend her services.”